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Friday, 17 April 2009

Pencil & Biro: The Underappreciated Medium!

Some more images...A few I forgot to put up from January and some new stuff- mainly the suff in pencil/biro...I forgot just how organic it feels just to use these simple materials...Sketching rough images is posibly the most therapeutic way to create art! Lots more pictures to come (I have a several different things going on at the moment...Exciting!) I also put some work up on Artbreak earlier today and people have already favourited my work or left me really positive comments/feedback! Some of which are current contemporary artists! I still can't believe it! Yay! My user name is EmmaJaneCorsan...if you were at all interested!

Sunday, 12 April 2009

A Stumblin' I Will Go...

Some inspiring images found whilst using StumbleUpon

The third one is by artist/photographer Chema Madoz...well worth a look! As for the others, not sure, but I give them kudos!

The first one I particularly liked, the content reminded me why I do the work I do, I've felt a little despondent lately and unsure of my own ability (boo hoo, violins etc.) so it felt quite inspiring. I'm very tempted to print it off and hang it in my studio!

For Display Purposes Only!

Have got myself involved with an exhibition running in May at Unit 5 studios in Norwich. We've provisionally booked the 24th-30th May! We haven't got a specific theme in mind however all of our work can is loosely connected via "the home". I intend to make a bookshelf to exhibit my "books" and also make a coffee table using books as the base (currently on a mission to find some so called "coffee table books", as I would quite like to highlight the absurdity of owning books for display purposes only! The very idea shocks and appauls me, such a waste! I think it'd be very amusing to give these books a use like their name suggests!

However it isn't without contradiction that a lot of "coffee table books" are big, expensive art and photography books! I find it bewildering that a book which holds images of an art object can become an art object in itself by virtue of its purpose. "For display purposes only/Do not touch" comes to mind! It has made me consider the different purposes that different types of books can possess, especially as someone who struggles to let go of a book...I mean, I still own study guides that I no longer need! One of which, I thought of framing as a piece of art, the pages are covered with colour coded notes. It's odd that I had no qualms whatsoever about writing or drawing on study guides...I suppose it makes sense when revising but in any other book i'd view it as sacrilege!

Hmm...I fear I am digressing, back to the different purposes of books, I suppose you have:

Study guides - no explanation needed here I guess, although they are often sold on or handed down through generations to make use of the more than once!

Coffee-table books/books for display - you know the type, usually full of glossy photographs, with minimal text and as for those display books, I actually own a few (I do like to contradict myself!); nice editions/covers of books I already own, a lot of publishers tend to market huge leather bound versions of classics too.

Books for pleasure - probably the majority of my book collection falls under this, could be any kind of book.

Books for escapism - this is one of the main reasons i read books, to relax, unwind and escape the stresses of life!

Books for entertainment - fiction that entertains us, could be anything depending on what entertains you! (but also humour titles)

Books that educate/inform/instruct - self explanatory really, but a few examples might be cookery books, assorted reference titles and "how to guides"

Religious/Spiritual books - again, it's all in the name

Mini books/pocket guides - that you never actually keep in your pocket

Toilet books - yes, there are actually books marketed to keep in bathrooms...weird!

Gift books - books you receive as gifts, probably something marking your day of birth/'You are a Good Friend' - full of endearing/overbearing sentiment and cutesy pictures of animals in hilarious pairings which actually suggests that the person who bought you this gift probably isn't really worth classing as a friend!
reference books - dictionaries/encyclopaedias and the like (that tend to sit on shelves until a dispute during scrabble ensues!)
I guess a lot of these depend on the person.

And ofcourse...books for art!

I'm sure there are many more purposes of books, perhaps I will ask my fellow booksellers when I'm next at work. I'm sure someone out there uses books in a practical sense maybe as a doorstop/cheap alternative to fire wood/lining for a litter tray...maybe.

My musings will end here as I fear I will get on to rambling territory (as usual!)

Oh, also, I have recently started using Twitter, (yes,yes, I know...I've jumped on the bandwagon!) but if you would like to follow me just search my username: EmmaJaneCorsan