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Friday, 25 March 2011

Unlocked the Series (S1 Ep4) - Escape


Episode 4 of our web series, Unlocked about a group of friends with a shared love of videogames, comics and all things geek!

Find the rest of our videos at Cheesemint

Please pimp/share this as I'm particularly proud of this episode having edited it with Ms. Georgie Oatley who plays Zoey!

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Geek Inspired Jewellery...

Inspired by Geek With Curves recent blog post...

Here's some geeky jewellery I own...

Not quite the bat signal but pretty cool nonetheless, found these on eBay for dirt cheap, like £3.99...I'm quite the lover of acrylic/perspex jewellery

Yum yum...one of favourite pieces EVER. My mum picked it up for me at an arts and crafts fair!

And Dolly Mixture earrings from a great shop in Norwich that is no longer around - I miss you Kettle of Fish!

Big Left 4 Dead fan...so I almost pee'd my pants when I came across Deadly Pretty Designs Video Game Geekery by Candeta on Etsy. My very own Hunter!

Umbrella Corp. Earrings also from Candeta...

POW! This is THE most awesome necklace for any comic fangirl! From an indie seller on eBay - RTK.

My beloved Pylones Ring...They have a wide range of jewellery, but these liquid filled beauties are, in my opinon, their best! If I could own them in every colour...I would!

My Robot...he's broken but still adore him. He used to carry a little heart, but I lost it. Sad robot :(

I've got my eye on a few SHINY objects too:

PIPBOY!!! This is what payday will bring me! From a seller called AzureeAlice on Etsy. Her shop is HERE

From Truffle Shuffle

And I need me a Browncoat Ring for sure!

Unlocked the Series (S1 Ep3) - Coastal Highway

Unlocked the Series (S1 Ep2) - Delicious Brains

Unlocked the Series (S1 Ep1) - Strength in Numbers


So, um...haven't updated for a while. I have no excuse...I'm just lame. However, I could blame Fallout New Vegas.

Anyhoooo...much has happened since January. The web series was launched. We had a premiere at Fusion at the Forum (Norwich). We're up to episode three of Unlocked so I should probably post them on here.

You can suscribe by going HERE and pressing the little button on the page!

In other news...KAPOW! is coming up and the line up is evermore exciting. I can't wait! Just like Liz Lemon in 30 Rock...I'm lizzing!