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Saturday, 3 July 2010

The 'Dead Duck' Project...

Everyone involved in this film did a fantastic job and I think it was down to Matt's directorial approach; a tedious, hot day filming transformed into a fun frolic in the woods! Cast and crew were psyched from the first read-through (I certainly was!) and had free reign on customising their uniform and kit.

What else can I say about Dead Duck?! Perhaps a gripping contemporary military take on Norse mythology! Sergeant Oakes and his unit have been assigned a mission to hunt down a deserter named Pvt. Lock. Watch Parts 1 and 2 to see the story unravel.

I think this piece shows that we have it in us to produce something a little more serious as well...can't wait until our web series UNLOCKED!

Also watch out for the Dead Duck outtakes vid coming soon, it'll be hilarious!

The Rules of Justice (Dir: Adam Gunton)

The last of the Cheesemint Productions Six shorts project to showcase on my blog!

An action packed buddy cop parody, directed by Adam Gunton and produced by Cheesemint...