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If you like short, fiery, red haired East Londoners who now reside in Norwich that have a penchant for video games, board games and filmmaking then you've come to the right place, my friend. I write a fortnightly column about video games for Forces of Geek and I write, direct, edit and film with Cheesemint Productions, my production company. You can search for us on YouTube, you know how the Internet works, right? This blog, Excuse Me While I Geek Out is a place to collect my column pieces for Forces Of Geek and anything I've written for other websites and publications as well as being a place to write about all things geek. My other blog, For All Or None is a cathartic activity dedicated to my mental health and I write openly and honestly about deeply personal psychological issues that effect me. It's an mental outlet so doesn't necessarily require readers especially as it will no doubt be full of grammatical errors, nonsense and spelling mistakes.

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Welcome to this unorganised collection of my writings, thoughts, creative notes and ramblings. It may not be coherent and at times may be a little hard to follow. Such is the nature of language and I'm not writing for anyone else, just myself, in an attempt to organise my thoughts and to aid me with my creative work but please feel free to peruse and comment if you wish to do so.



Thursday, 27 May 2010

With Teeth (Dir: Debs Chapman)

Another fan-freakin'-tabulous Cheesemint production, a Twilight spoof that even Twihards will appreciate...voila!

Saturday, 22 May 2010

Art n' Mint

Having a few creative ideas lately...

Some are Cheesemint related. Some are personal.

I've been working on a book for a while now, painting each of the 300 or so pages and editing each of the pages to create my own narratives. It's something I started whilst on my MA but never had the time to work on. I am hoping to complete it sometime this year, it's just something to keep me painting and creating personal art.

On the 'mint side of things, we have the web series to look forward to. Can't wait to get filming! I'm still not sure about a name for a character but am still brainstorming with good ol' Wikipedia on my side. It has to be video game related. I'm determined to be Miss Valentine (Resident Evil) but need a first name! For the time being, Matt has named me Rebecca. I also have a few ideas as to some short skits I'd like to film but I'll save those for a less humid day.

Anyhow, that was just a quick post as I'm all hot and bothered. Hot weather can go die in a corner...or something.

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Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Eat The Parents (Dir: Georgie Oatley)


The latest Cheesemint Production. A romantic comedy with a carniverous twist...starring myself, Matt, Debs, Adam, Tara and Georgie...

More on the way, including Twilight parody "With Teeth" directed by Debs Chapman, "Dead Duck", a war drama based on Norse mythology directed by Matt Stogdon (filming starts June!).

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