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Thursday, 19 March 2009

It Pays to Be a Fan Girl Sometimes!

A few things to report...

Hopefully, if things work out ok, myself and the part-time ladies on the course will be having an exhibition! Yay! I find it odd that it'll be my first, I am but an exhibiting virgin! Obviously this brings to light the fact that I don't have a great deal to exhibit...I need to get my art on!

In other news, one of my favourite contemporary artists at the moment, Mike Stilkey, replied to a message I sent him and I'm chuffed to pieces! Despite sounding like a total fan-girl he seemed pleased that I recognised him! If you haven't seen his work check out one of my earlier blogs...his website is there and he is amazing, he paints in a similar style to Egon Schiele and there's definitely an inherent humour within his work! I might have to ask him for some advice at some point!

Also have a seminar and private tutorial with an art therapist at 4.30pm today, should be interesting and might give me some tips if I decide to go down the art therapy route. I'm wondering what I might possibly ask him or if I should take in some of the art therapy tasks I did...or maybe not! Better get thinking...

I feel fairly relaxed at the moment regarding my MA but I feel somewhat guilty about this...I need some kind of pressure to get me working! Maybe the suggestion of an exhibtion will gear me up! I'm going to make a few more book sculptures methinks!

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

The End is Closer Than I Thought...

My research project...is dooooooooomed. The school I was working with has pulled out, I'm left with NOTHING. Just all the research and prep work I did...I even had all the materials ready. Ah well, it's all part of the learning process for next time I guess. In the meantime I need to think of something new to do...and fast! My brain is having a bit of mental meltdown though, the deadline is but a week away!

I'm surprisingly positive though. I even tried calling Red Balloon (the charity I used to volunteer with- do check them out as they are such a worthy cause and do so much for bullied children!). Unfortunately, they too are quite busy and unable to accommodate me. At least I have a lot to write about in my evaluation and I'm more than prepared for any future projects now!

Despite this strange optimism ('tis a rare thing!) I'm a bit worried as I might fail my unit. I might continue some more practical work as a break from over-thinking, uploading my last pictures has made me want to do some more actual art!

Little Red Riding Hood Book Sculpture (Unfinished)

As promised...more pictures!